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Why Fuss Free Phones Can Not Port 07418 numbers

To provide PAC codes we need our numbers to be in a central database which all the mobile networks share.

That database is maintained a Canadian company called Syniverse, which makes it very hard and very expensive to get numbers into the database. They charge £10,000 for access. Each of the major UK networks also charges £10,000 to get access so we are looking at a bill of £50,000 plus significant software development costs once we’d negotiated the political hurdles of access.

With such a small customer base it was not economic to solve this problem and the intention was always to implement number porting once we had enough customers to justify the cost.

Those numbers people brought to us are in the database and so we can port them out.

We generally found that very few people left Fuss Free Phones to go to another network, people loved the service and they left because they had become too old and infirm to use any phone service, they had moved into a home or that they had died. Of the small number who did leave, the vast majority were those who had ported numbers in.

Other small MVNOs get around this problem by not using their own numbers, they use numbers belonging to the host network, so that the numbers are already in the database. We could not do that because using our numbers – all beginning 07418 – was essential to the operation of the no-nuisance call service.

If your Fuss Free Phones number does not begin 07418 and you would like a PAC code please mail to request one.