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Our price plans are simple, start at £20 a month and there's no contract. You pay a fixed amount on the same day each month and never more than that. We give you a no-quibble 30-day money back guarantee (even if you've made calls) and then a 30-day cancellation if you don't need the service any longer. It's completely Fuss Free.

You can buy a mobile phone and choose the price plan you want. If you already have a phone and just want the Fuss Free Phones' service you can select the SIM Only option. If you have a smartphone you may want to choose the data option. 

Doro 6520
TTFone 850
TTFone 750

Doro 820 mini

   Feature Phones  Smartphone
Price Plans    
Monthly Plan £20 £25
Annual Plan £220 £275
Minutes, Texts and Data    
Monthly call minutes 600 600
Monthly texts Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly data allowance - 500mB
Services Included    
Telephonist service 24/7 - 365 days 24/7 - 365 days
No-nuisance calls Yes Yes
Trusted Callers List Yes
Dictating Text Messages Yes
Personalised greeting Yes
Fixed price Yes
30-day money back guarantee Yes
Contract  No - 30 day cancellation  No - 30 day cancellation

Note: these are airtime prices only. The mobile phone is purchased separately.

 Is 600 minutes enough? 

Select a phone first and then your price plan

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