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A Telephonist Service for Older People 

Fuss Free Phones is perfect for your Mum or Dad if they're looking for an easy to use mobile phone with help making calls, sending text messages or looking up information on the Internet. Our telephonists are friendly, very approachable and will take the time you need to help your elderly parent. 

If you're looking for an easy to use mobile service that gives peace of mind, knowing that there is a friendly voice at hand to help with everyday calling and with emergencies, Fuss Free Phones may be the answer.

You don't need to know anything about mobile phones and all the phones we've selected are especially easy to use, with big buttons and are comfortable to hold and carry. We know that if you've not used a mobile before it can be unsettling, but with Fuss Free Phones you can be sure there is a friendly voice a push-of-a-button away who will help and guide you to make calls and communicate by text.

Try Fuss Free Phones for 30 days and return for a full refund if we haven't opened up a whole new world of possibilities for you and your family.

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Meet Barbara - "It's absolutely wonderful"

Barbara talks about how much she enjoys using Fuss Free Phones. She pushes the big button on her mobile to call a telephonist and gets connected to her family quickly and easily.

And she loves sending texts to her grandson and getting his responses.

Her daughter Sarah has peace of mind, knowing that wherever she is Barbara can quickly contact her family.

No nuisance calls - ever

Unfortunately, through no fault of their own, more and more elderly people fall victim to nuisance callers. These calls can be at best distressing and sometimes absolutely ruinous. Fortunately we block all nuisance calls, at no extra cost. Because we hold a list of your frequent contacts only those people can call you direct on your mobile phone, everyone else is diverted to the telephonists. If it's PPI or a recorded message we drop the phone call, but if it's the doctor calling to change your next appointment we'll put them through. And if we're not sure the call is genuine, our telephonists will let a designated emergency contact know of the call. That way you know that every time the mobile phone rings it's someone who is known and trusted. Your elderly mother or father will never be disturbed by nuisance calls, ever again.

Great for texting the grandkids

Our service is particularly good for grandparents communicating with their grandchildren. Texting and messaging is second nature to teenagers these days and there's no better way to stay in touch than by using our telephonists to dictate a text message and have the response read back to you. It brings a big smile every time.


We offer good value and transparent pricing, starting at £20 a month for 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 24/7 access to the telephonists. Or you can gift for a year and get 12 months for the price of 11, all for £220. All prices include VAT.

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We suggest you first choose from one of our easy to use mobile phones and then select a monthly or annual plan. If you already have a mobile phone you can choose our SIM Only option.

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