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Blocking Nuisance Calls

Nuisance and scam calls affect us all, and increasingly so on our mobile phones. For older and more vulnerable people this can be at best an irritation and at worst create dreadful anxiety and loss. We are the only mobile network that stops nuisance calls before they reach your mobile phone.

As part of our service we hold a list of your trusted contacts. This is the list of the people you want to contact through our telephonist service.

How it works

You can choose to allow only your trusted contacts to call you direct. All other incoming calls go first to the telephonists. If it's obviously a genuine call, for example the doctor ringing to change an appointment, we'll put them through. If it's a PPI call, recorded message or it sounds like a scam call we hang up. And if we're not sure, we can tell one of your emergency contacts that you received a call and provide them with a brief summary.

You can be absolutely confident that every incoming call is from a trusted contact.

Absolute peace of mind

To choose this option just tick the box in your Trusted Callers List and then send it to us in the Freepost envelope provided in your welcome pack. You can also write Freepost Fuss Free Phones on an envelope; no further address is required. Or call us on 0800 845 6600. You can change the nuisance call option as many times as you like without charge and add or amend your list by using the big button on your mobile and asking the telephonist to do it. The service is free and part of your monthly or annual plan.

Download a Trusted Callers List

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