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Keeping Your Existing Number

If you want to keep your existing mobile number you can ask the provider you are moving from for a Porting Authorisation Code or PAC. The code typically starts with 3 letters and ends with 6 numbers, like ABC123456. PACs expire after 30 days; so if you want to move your number after that you'll need another one.

The best way to get a PAC code is often to use the Live Chat service on your provider's website. Ask them for a PAC or say you want to move your number to another network. You will need to be out of contract with your provider or they may charge you a termination fee. For pay-as-you-go you can move at any time.

When you join Fuss Free Phones we will give you a new mobile number. You can then tell us your PAC and the mobile number you want to keep. Call the telephonists, use our Live Chat or complete the form here to give us that information and within 48 hours the number you are keeping will be working with your Fuss Free Phones' service. We'll call you to tell you the change has been made, but you can try it yourself by dialling the number you're keeping from another phone.

Enter your PAC details below to request the change.