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The Fuss Free Phones email made easy service offers a unique notification option. When you get an email we’ll send you a text or call you to let you know that there is unread email.

Modern life is making it impossible to live without email. Be it visiting relatives sending travel details, minutes for the local WI or official notifications. Those sending the emails assume that you'll see it straight away. Younger people check the messages on their smartphones 200 times a day. But if you lead a slower pace of life you probably don't get that many emails. The service is designed for people who get very few emails and so rarely check to see if they have any to read. 

To sign up for the email made easy service call the Fuss Free Phones office on 0208 002 0000. It costs £10 a month. For that you’ll get an email address at using the email technology called IMAP.

Whenever an email is received by the Fuss Free Phones server you will be sent a text message with the name of the person sending the message and the subject line. You won’t be sent the content of the message - it's just a notification that the email is there, waiting to be read.

If you have subscribed to the Fuss Free Phones text message reading service we’ll call you and read out the text message so that you know who has emailed, what it’s about and you can then go to your computer to read the rest of the message. Our friendly telephonists work around the clock and you can choose times of day or night when you don't want to be disturbed.

The new service builds on the Fuss Free Phones mantra of not having to learn how to use new technology but making technology work in the way you want to work.