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A Helping Hand With Mobile Technology

  • Are you helping people get more from their mobiles? 
  • Would they like to make more use of the mobile Internet?
  • Do you know people who want to use more of the features on their smartphones?
  • Would they like to communicate more with the family by calling them, messaging or using mobile apps?

If the answer is YES to one or more of these questions, Fuss Free Phones may be able to help, with our Helping Hands program. As a business we're committed to promoting digital and social inclusion and we understand the frustration when you know what you want to do but just can't quite get there. Mobile technology can be hard to grasp, but very rewarding when you do. 

We help people to get more from their mobile phones, with a telephonist service that helps you make calls, message your family & friends and find the information and services you need on the Internet. We're a helping hand, with a light touch for people who are gaining confidence with mobile technology and want to learn more.

And because it can be a dangerous on-line world out there, we completely block nuisance calls and texts. Our customers only ever receive calls from the people they know and trust, our telephonists filter the rest. The service is FREE and part of their monthly or annual price plan.

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  • Just £20 a month for a fantastic value package
  • A telephonist to help you make calls
  • No nuisance calls ever again
  • 600 minutes of monthly call time
  • Unlimited text messages
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Our Mobile Phones

We have a range of easy to use mobile phones and smartphones from Doro (including the fantastic Doro 6520) and TTFone. All our mobile phones have a big button on the back, so as well as being able to use all the phone's usual features, you can press the big button and get friendly help and advice from our telephonists.

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Find out more about the Doro 820 mini

With the Doro 820 mini, using My Doro Manager we can help customers use the internal features of the smartphone. Invaluable if you've lost a photo, want to send an email or watch a video link, or just need a bit of extra help.

Fuss Free Phones is the mobile network for anyone and everyone. We've designed the mobile phone service particularly for the elderly, people with vision impairment and anyone who needs some help with their mobile phone. Our UK based telephonists are available 24/7 to help put you through to your frequent contacts, send texts and find information and services on the Internet. 

We completely stop nuisance calls. Only the people you know and love can call you direct, our telephonists handle the rest. It's like having your own personal assistant. We’re for everyday use, at home or when you're out and about, and if you get into difficulties you can rely on us; we’re just a button press away.

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