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Fuss Free Phones - an easy to use mobile phone with a telephonist to help you make calls

  • Do you know someone who is blind or has some sight loss and needs a mobile phone and service that's easy to use?
  • Do you, or a friend or relative, have difficulty using a mobile phone or need help to use some of the features?
  • Do you worry about the increasing number phone scams and nuisance calls targeting elderly people?

Fuss Free Phones can help. An easy to use mobile phone with a big button to immediately reach a telephonist - ready 24 hours a day to put you through to friends and family, the doctor or to help in an emergency.

We block nuisance calls too. Only your trusted contacts get through, we handle the rest. It makes staying in touch with the family completely safe and fuss free. All for just 65p per day - calls, texts and the telephonist services included.

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Big button mobile phones

We have an outstanding range of easy-to-use mobile phones from Doro and TTfone with clear, crisp displays, big buttons and loud ringers. Perfect for staying in touch with friends and family.

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A personal telephonist service to help

Our telephonists are ready around the clock to help you make phone calls, send text messages or find information on the Internet. And if you get a nuisance call, they'll block it for you.

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Blocking nuisance calls

We block all nuisance calls to your mobile, so you know every call is from someone you trust. Only your contacts get through, everyone else is handled by the telephonists.

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Fixed price, no contract

Our prices are affordable and there's no contract. You pay a fixed amount, from 65p a day and never more than that. Plus there's a no-quibble 30-day money back guarantee.

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NEW - Ask away services

Ask away is a new range of services to help you get more from the telephonists. Ask away for home phone access, a daily reminder call, voicemail plus and lots more. All for an extra £5 a month.

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