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A Special Telephonist Just For You

Even the 'easiest' mobile phones can have fiddly buttons, text that's too small and confusing menus. Finding a phone number in the memory or typing a text message can be a challenge. 

It's tempting to put the phone back in a drawer and not bother. But then sometimes when you're in the garden or out in town with friends an easy to use mobile would be useful.

Now there's a new fuss free service ready to help, together with a great range of easy to use mobiles phones.

Making big button mobile phones easier to use

Press the Big Button on your Mobile Phone and Get Connected

With Fuss Free Phones our friendly telephonists are there when you need some help making phone calls. Our big button mobile phones put you through to a real person who will connect you to friends, family, the doctor or anyone you like, 24/7. Our mobile phone concierge service is not just for emergencies, we're available whenever you want to make a phone call or to send a text or get some information from the Internet, like the weather, or what's on TV tonight.

Our telephonists are in the UK and are very friendly and helpful. They speak plain English, listen carefully and are patient if you need some extra time. If you're searching for a phone number the telephonist can find it for you and put you through.

And of course, you can use all the functions of your large button mobile phone as normal including dialling your own numbers from the keypad and using the menu. But why worry when there's a telephonist on hand to help you?

The Trusted Callers List

When you sign up to Fuss Free Phones you'll receive a Trusted Callers List to let us know the details of the people you want to call. Return that to us in the enclosed Freepost envelope and when we've entered the details we'll call you to confirm they've been added and to answer any questions you may have. From then on, push the big button on your mobile phone and ask for your contact by name. Click blank Trusted Callers List if you need another one.

It's as simple as that. If you any questions about our phone telephonist service please call us at any time on: 0800 845 6600.

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