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Our Story

Simon Rockman, Founder

I started Fuss Free Phones because I can see, as we get older or suffer from some form of disability, how difficult it can be to use mobiles. Making a phone call and interacting with people is a basic human need and we have an obligation to ensure it's available to everyone. I don't understand why other operators ignore this and so Fuss Free Phones fills the gap. If I can help you in any way please call me on 07418 200200.

Our Mission - making mobile phones easy to use for everyone

The Starting Point

Most innovations start with the objective of making life easier, and often we have to adapt our behaviour and learn new things to use them. The Internet is the most obvious example; it has changed every aspect of the way we manage our lives. A simple click and we've booked a flight, done our weekly shop or paid our bills. 

But time and again the people who create these innovations inadvertently exclude those the innovations should benefit. A large proportion of the UK population don't (or can't) use the Internet and hence find everyday things, like travel, insurance, shopping and leisure activities harder to do and often more expensive. And in future on-line will be the only way.

Fuss Free Phones provides an amazingly simple way to access mobile phones, and we then provide a range of services in a warm, friendly and approachable way to help those of our customers who just need some extra support. And in the future we'll add more services, so that life for people who are excluded becomes inclusive again.

The Journey So Far

Fuss Free Phones is the only mobile network in the UK for anyone and everyone. We provide national coverage on the O2 network and have telephonists who answer your calls in person and with a smile. They are there to help; putting you through to friends, family, the services you use or anyone else. They help you stay in touch by text; you just dictate the message you want to send. And when you get a response we phone you back and read it to you. It's a very personal service for anyone who prefers their technology to work for them, not the other way round.

Our business is growing and we're introducing more services so that we can help you with shopping, browsing, staying fit and well, enjoying your leisure time and making the most of new technology without ever having to master it.

You Can Help

Tell us what you want, what you think and how we can help you get the most from the incredible, unstoppable pace of technology innovation. So that we can continue to deliver whatever you need at the push of button and the sound of a cheery voice.

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