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Already Have a Phone?

If you already have a mobile phone (and don't want to buy a shiny new one) the chances are it will work with Fuss Free Phones. It needs to be unlocked (which means it's not tied to another network) and it's helpful if there is a big button or speed dial key where the telephonists' phone number can be programmed.

Call us on 0800 845 6600 or click Buy Now to order a new SIM card. The card is free and you'll pay £25 for the first month of service. That's for 600 minutes of monthly call time and unlimited texts, plus 24/7 access to the telephonists and no nuisance calls. For smartphones we add 500MB of data for £30 monthly.

We'll send your SIM card in a pack that also includes the Trusted Callers List and a freepost envelope. Pop your new SIM card into the phone (we ship cards that can be clipped out to accomodate any size) and you can start making and receiving calls. Once we've received your Trusted Callers List we'll call and let you know your contacts are added. We'll give you the telephonists' phone number to program into your phone and you're good to go.

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