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Our Telephonist Service for your Landline Phone

Now you can access our telephonist service from your landline/home phone whether you subscribe to our mobile phone service or not. For just £15 a month we'll put you through to friends and family, the services you need, in fact anyone you like - just by pressing one button on your landline phone. That's around the clock, every day of the year.

Buy Fuss Free Phones for my Landline

We have a great range of phones already set up with our telephonist service

You can buy a landline phone from us, which is already set up with the telephonist service. 
The Geemarc CL64 is very easy to use; just pick up the receiver and the phone automatically dials the telephonists.

Geemarc CL64

Only £59

Geemarc CL64

Buy the Geemarc today!

Already have a landline phone? Just buy the telephonist service here