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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions we get asked. You can click on a subject heading and scroll through the list in each section or use the search bar to find the answer to your question. If your question isn't here please Contact Us and we'll do our best to help.

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How can we help?

Q: I'm blind or partially sighted - how can your phone and service help me?

A: The big button on the back of your mobile phone is all you need to find to be able to speak to your friends and relatives or to contact the services you need. We hold a list of your trusted callers and when you press the big buttoned speak to a telephonist, you just ask for them by name. The telephonists can also send a text for you and read you the response, or look up information on the Internet. Click on Helping the Blind to find out more.

Q: I'm hard of hearing. Can your mobile phones and service help me?

A: Yes, our phones are all hearing aid compatible and when you press the big button on your phone to speak to a telephonists they are friendly and will listen carefully to what you say, and try to help. You can ask for your contacts by name, or to send a text or to get information from the Internet.

Q: I have a friend who doesn't like new technology but does need to be able to call her friends and relatives. Can you help?

A: Yes we can. We understand that new technology can sometime be off-putting and so we've developed Fuss Free Phones with the original telephone service - an operator (or as we say, a telephonist) on the end of the phone to help. Your friend just presses one button on their phone to be connected to the telephonist who will put them straight through to friends, family or the services they need. Click on Telephonist to find out more.

Q: I'm scared of being the victim of a phone scam. You hear about so many people who are conned out of their savings and I don't want to fall victim to that. Can you help me?

A: Yes we can. When you subscribe to Fuss Free Phones we ask you to send us a list of your trusted contacts. We hold them in a safe place on our computer system, in a place where the information is scrambled up so other people can't read it. When you speak to a telephonist you can ask for any of those people by name and we'll put you through. Because we hold that list - we call it the Trusted Callers List - you can also opt into a free no nuisance calls service. When you do that it means only your trusted contacts can call you direct, anyone else goes through to the telephonists. They are trained to handle nuisance calls, but if they believe a call is genuine, for example a doctor calling from the hospital to change your appointment, they will put the call through. That means whenever the phone rings you know it's someone you can trust. Click on Nuisance Calls to find out more.

Telephonist Services

Q: What services do the telephonists provide?

A: When you call our telephonists you can ask:
  • To be put through to a friend or relative by name.
  • To dial another number.
  • To dictate a text message and send it.
  • For the telephonist to find a phone number for you and call it.
  • To add more numbers to your Trusted Callers List.
  • To find some information on the Internet for you.
  • How many minutes you have remaining.

Q: Do I have to go through the telephonist each time?

A: No, you can dial a number on the phone’s keypad if you want. Or you can send a text yourself. Think of us as an additional service.

Q: Do you handle emergency calls?

A: We are a service for everyday use, providing a telephonist to help you make calls, send texts and find information on the Internet. However, from time to time our customers need to use us in an emergency. If there is an emergency the telephonists will answer the call in the normal way. Instead of putting the caller through we keep them on the line and call the first emergency contact, then the second and so on until we talk to someone. We then decide what action should be taken. We can put the call through, join calls together or agree a different action. If we can't get through to anyone we may then decide to call the emergency services ourselves.

Nuisance Calls

Q: Can you stop me getting nuisance calls?

A: Yes, anyone who is on your Trusted Callers List will be able to call you directly. Everyone else is put through to our call centre where the telephonists decide how to handle the call. If it's a PPI call or a recorded message we will drop the call. If it's your doctor calling to change your appointment we will put them through to you. If we're not sure whether the call is genuine we will take a message and pass that to one of your emergency contacts who can decide how to handle it. That way you know that every time the phone rings it's someone you know and trust.

Q: What about nuisance calls on my landline phone?

A: We're not yet able to offer the same service on your landline. If you get a lot of nuisance calls it may be worth registering with the Telephone Preference Service  (opens a new tab) or tell your friends and family only to call your mobile phone and switch your landline to silent. Then you won't be disturbed but can still use the phone to make calls when you need to.

For Blind and Partially Sighted Customers

Q: What services do you offer blind and partially sighted people?

A: We have a telephonist service that will help you make phone calls, send texts (and read them back to you) and find information on the Internet.

Q: How does the service work for blind people?

A: When you buy a phone from Fuss Free Phones we provide the Trusted Callers List, which is a list of your most frequent contacts. There is no limit to the number of friends, relatives and other contacts that you can add to the list. You, or a friend, can complete and send this to us and we add it to your account. When you call the telephonists, using the big button on your phone, you can choose to be put through to someone on your contact list - just ask for them by name. There is no need to remember any phone numbers, you just need the name of the person you want to talk to.

Q: Is the service exempt from VAT?

A: Yes, we've designed Fuss Free Phones specifically for blind and partially sighted customers and selected phones that have been developed for disabled people. You will need to call us if you want to purchase with zero rated VAT. You must hold a certificate to say that you are able to purchase goods and services that are designed specifically for disabled people and send that to us if we ask you to, otherwise you may be liable to pay VAT on the phone and plan you have purchased. You can call us at any time on 0800 845 6600 for more information.

Trusted Callers List

Q: What is the Trusted Callers List?

A: This is the list of contacts you want us to store so that you can ask for them by name when you call the telephonists.

Q: How do I add the phone numbers that can be called?

A: The Trusted Callers List is supplied with your purchase and is a straight forward form to complete with your own details, including how you would like to be addressed when we answer the phone to you. You can also add the names and phone numbers of the people you want to call. Then send that to us in the provided Freepost envelope and we will load the numbers into our database. We'll call you when those contacts are added. If you want to add more, your telephonist can do it or you can send them by email to: or mail them to Freepost, Fuss Free Phones.

Q: Can I add more numbers or change them?

A: Yes, you can always add and change numbers and names by pressing the button on the back of your phone and talking to one of our telephonists.

Q: Is the list secure?

A: Yes, we hold your contact list on our secure website, which is only accessible by our telephonists who have been trained and approved by Fuss Free Phones.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can have on my Trusted Callers List?

A: There's no limit - you can have as many names and numbers as you like.

Q: Can I update my numbers using the Internet?

A: Not at the moment but we may add this feature later. If you have a lot of numbers, call us using the button on the back of the phone or email us with your details and the list of numbers. You can send us these in any format, even written out by hand if you prefer.

Q: What about dialling premium numbers?

A: If you dial a premium rate number the call will go to our telephonists who will check that you meant to dial a more expensive call and then put you through. They will tell you how much it costs. It will not come out of your inclusive minutes, we’ll bill you separately. Generally speaking, premium calls can range between 25p per minute to £3. Be wary of things like television shopping and gambling channels. Our agents can sometimes find alternative freephone numbers for you too.

Q: Can I call abroad from the UK?

A: Yes, but the call will always go through our telephonists first even if you dial the number direct. It’s to protect you from high cost calls.

Q: Can I add overseas numbers to my Trusted Callers List?

A: Yes you can. Even if you dial international numbers yourself from the keypad, you will always go through the telephonists so they can tell you how much the call is going to cost.

Q: Can I download a blank Trusted Callers List

A: Yes, click blank Trusted Callers List here, complete the form and send it to us at Freepost, Fuss Free Phones. We'll upload your trusted contacts' details and call you to let you know it's been done and from now on you can ask for your friends and relatives by name.

Phones & Accessories

Q: Which phones do you recommend?

A: We highly recommend phones made by Doro. They are a well known manufacturer of mobile phones that are easier to use, so the phones have bigger buttons and very clear screens. They also have a big button on the back of the phones that is used to call our telephonists. You can find our preferred mobile phones here. Otherwise our service will work on most feature and smartphones.

Q: What accessories come with the phones?

A: The box contents may vary according to the model of phone you purchase. But you will normally get a charging cable and mains adaptor, plus a desktop charger (the docking station) so the phone can be left on all the time and you know the battery is fully charged.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: It will easily last all day so when you get home try and get into the habit of putting it into the docking station to recharge the battery ready for the next time you want to use it.

Q: Is it expensive to charge the battery?

A: No, it costs under 50p per year.

Q: Is it dangerous to leave the phone charging all the time?

A: No, the phone is designed to be used like that. Leaving the phone switched on in the docking station ready to receive calls is the best way to use it.

Q: Does it work with hearing aids?

A: Yes, it’s designed to work with hearing aids and the speaker is also loud and clear.

Q: Is the phone locked to your network?

A: Because we have no lengthy contract and you are free to cancel the service with us at any time all the phones that we supply are unlocked. This means they can be used on any other network and with any other SIM card.

Q: I have a green flashing light on my phone

A: This is usually because you have a missed call or an unread text message. You can get rid of the flashing light by checking your call log and text messages through the phone menu.

Q: I have a red flashing light on my phone

A: This can mean one of two things: the battery is low, or the phone is on charge.

Network Services

Q: Does the Fuss Free Phones’ service cover the whole of the UK?

A: Yes, we provide national coverage using the O2 network.

Q: Can I change to another network if O2 doesn’t cover my area?

A: No, unfortunately we can’t change to another network. If you don't get coverage where you mostly use the phone you will have to choose another network. You can check for O2 coverage by clicking on this link, O2 Coverage (opens another window).

Q: When I use the telephonist does the person I’m calling see my number?

A: Yes, they see the number of your mobile phone not the number of our call centre, so they know it’s you calling them.

Q: Can I dial numbers using the keypad on the phone?

A: Yes, the phone is a normal mobile phone and you can dial numbers using the keypad and memory locations. The Fuss Free Phones’ number is normally programmed into the big button on the back of your phone or a speed dial key for easy access.

Q: Can I text?

A: Yes you can text someone directly from the keypad or you can press the big button and ask the telephonist to text for you. Just dictate the text to them.

Q: What about text replies?

A: When you receive a reply to a text you can opt for us to call you and read it to you, or the reply can go direct to your phone.

Q: Can the phone receive calls?

A: Yes the telephonist button is an added feature of the phone. Otherwise it’s a normal mobile phone and you can make and receive calls in the usual way.

Q: Can I transfer my existing mobile number to the new phone?

A: Yes, just provide us with a PAC code from your previous network provider and we'll port the number across. Click Keeping your existing number for more information.

Q: Do you provide voice mail?

A: Yes, you can ask us to enable voicemail for you.

Q: Can I use the phone abroad?

A: No, not at the moment. However, roaming charges are coming down and we will keep this under review. If you do go abroad it is often cheaper to buy a local SIM card and use that for the duration of your stay.

Q: Can I pause payment if I go away?

A: Yes, if you're going to be away on an extended holiday and don't need your phone we can suspend our service and hold it for you until you return. The service costs £5 per month and can be used for a maximum of 3 months each year. Go to Contact Us to tell us you're heading out to adventures new.

Q: Can I use my home phone to call the telephonists?

A: Yes you can. If you opt for our new Ask Away services you can call the telephonists from your home phone. Exactly the same services are available using your home phone as with your mobile, except for no nuisance calls. So you can ask for your trusted contacts by name, send a text or ask for Information on the Internet. Click Ask Away to find out more about the services we offer. Alternatively you can ask for a landline only service, which gives you access to the telephonist service from your landline instead of your mobile phone. Call 0800 845 6600 for more details.

Q: How much will it cost me to dial international numbers?

A. Calling abroad can be expensive, but we have a special deal with our provider and can now offer a flat fee of 25p per minute to any international destination. In any case our telephonists will remind you that you are dialling an international number and confirm you are happy to go ahead. We will bill you separately for international minutes.

Q: Can I access the telephonist service from a landline phone without having to buy the mobile service?

A: Yes you can. If you'd like to have access to the telephonist service from your landline or home phone, we can now offer that service without you having to subscribe to our mobile service. The price is £15 a month, or £165 a year. You continue to contract with your landline provider, like BT or Virgin. We will provide you with a telephone number to access the telephonists, who will recognise the number you are dialling from. Please note that we are not yet able to offer no nuisance calls on landline services. Call us on 0800 845 6600 for more information.

Q: Can I port my Fuss Free number to another network?

A: If we provided you with a mobile number starting with '07418' when you took out your plan, then unfortunately we cannot port your number out currently.

Q: Does Fuss Free Phones work in other UK territories such as Isle of Man?

A: Currently we only offer the service on mainland UK. The Fuss Free network will not work in places such as Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Alderney, and oversears UK territories (Bermuda, Falkland Islands etc.)

Monthly Plans & Payments

Q: How do I pay?

A: We accept major debit or credit cards and will bill your card on the same day each month. On your card statement you will see "Fuss Free Phones" against the amount we've charged. We have found that this is the most convenient way to pay for most customers, but if you prefer an alternative payment method, such as cheque, postal order, standing order or others, please call us on 0800 845 6600 and we'll do our best to help. 

Q: Do you offer direct debit?

A: Yes! Please click here to fill in your details and authorise Fuss Free to take payments.

Q: Do the minutes per month include calling the call centre?

A: Yes, time with the call centre comes out of the minutes you’ve purchased.

Q: Do my unused minutes, texts and data allowance roll over from month to month?

A: Your minutes last for one month and are renewed on your payment date. So, if your payment date is 20th of each month your minutes will renew again at that time and any unused minutes from the previous month are lost. The same is true for your data allowance. Each month you have unlimited texts.

Q: What if I go over the monthly minutes?

A: Before you have used all your minutes we will call you and tell you that you are getting close to the limit and suggest that you buy some additional minutes for the remainder of the month. See Is 600 minutes enough. You can also ask the telephonist at any time to check how many minutes you have remaining.

Q: What if I regularly use more than 600 minutes?

A: You can buy another value plan which gives you more minutes of call time each month - £30 per month for 1000 minutes and £40 per month for 1500 minutes. Call us on 0800 845 6600 to upgrade.

Q: How do I know the payment method is safe?

A: We comply with the strict regulations about card payments. We don’t store payment card details ourselves; these are held by our payment processor to provide additional layers of security.

Q: Do I sign a contract?

A: No, there is no contract to sign. It’s a rolling monthly agreement. You can end the service whenever you like with 30-days' notice.

Q: What if I want to cancel?

A: We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the phone and the Fuss Free Phones' plan. If you cancel within 30 days and send the phone back to us complete and in its original packaging we will refund the price you paid in full. There is no contract so you can cancel your plan at any time with 30 day's notice. If you do want to cancel, please go to Cancel Account for more help.

Customer Service

Q: What are the warranty terms?

A: All phones that you purchase through Fuss Free Phones are warrantied for one year against manufacturing and performance defects. If you have a problem with your phone, please push the big button to speak to a telephonist, or if the phone has stopped working altogether call us on 0800 845 6600 and we will help.

If you purchased your phone from another retailer, please take your original receipt to the retailer for help.

Q: What happens if I break the phone?

A: The Doro phones are designed to be strong but if your phone breaks we will send you a replacement for the same cost as the original phone. You will need to change the SIM card to the new phone. The telephonist will know you’ve changed your phone over.

Q: What happens if I lose the phone?

A: We can send you a replacement for the same cost as the original phone and we will install the SIM card. You can keep the same number. It's worth checking your home contents policy to see if you can claim for the cost of a new phone.

Q: What happens if the phone stops working?

A: Phone us on 0800 845 6600 and we’ll take you through a basic test of the phone to make sure it’s genuinely faulty. If it is we will ask you to send it back to us and we will send you a replacement free of charge if you’ve had the phone for less than 1 year. If it’s over 1 year we’ll do our best to keep any replacement costs to an absolute minimum.

Q: What happens when I want to change the phone?

A: You speak to the telephonist and they will tell you what range of phones we currently have for you to choose from, and what they cost.