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A telephonist to help you if you're blind or partially sighted

Sight deterioration or loss is one of the most frightening life experiences we can have. However, with Fuss Free Phones there is at least a new mobile phone service that helps you to keep in contact with the people you need to speak to every day.

A mobile phone service that helps you to stay connected

We can help you stay in immediate contact with friends, family, support services or anyone you need, at the push of one button. Our easy to use mobile phones give you immediate connection to our telephonist service. Pressing the big button on your mobile phone puts you through to a real person who will dial the numbers you need from a list of contacts, or send a text message (and read the response back to you) or look up information on the Internet. It's a lifeline, available at anytime of the day or night.

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Working with the RNIB

We work alongside the RNIB and local blind societies throughout the UK, helping blind and partially sighted people meet the daily challenges of sight loss. 

The RNIB and Fuss Free Phones - working together

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Meet Mary -  Loving the Freedom

Mary has been a Fuss Free Phones' customer for over a year and has more than 200 contacts in her Trusted Callers List, which is updated by a neighbour every month. When she wants to make a phone call she pushes the button on the back of her Doro phone and speaks to one of our friendly telephonists who puts her through to her family and friends. Mary values Fuss Free Phones as an everyday service, not just for emergencies.

Mobile phone service and pricing

We offer great value and straigthforward pricing for our blind and partially sighted customers, starting at £25 a month for 600 minutes, unlimited texts and around-the-clock access to the telephonists.

Choose your mobile phone first

We suggest you first choose an easy to use mobile phone. If you already have a phone choose our SIM Only option.

VAT Free

If you are registered disabled and are able to purchase goods and services that have been designed for disabled people at zero rated VAT you can buy both the mobile phone and the ongoing service VAT free. Please call us on 0800 845 6600 or email us to place your order.

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