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Our Minutes Promise

Most of our customers find 600 minutes a month is about right for their needs. But unlike other mobile networks we won't just charge you if you go over, that's a promise. If it looks like you're going to exceed your allowance we'll call you in advance and suggest you buy more minutes at 25p per minute, or move to a new monthly or annual plan.

You can buy 20 mins for £3, 40 mins for £6, or 60 mins for £9. We have top-ups for data too.

Alternatively we have other value plans at £30 a month for 1000 minutes and £40 a month for 1500 minutes. Call us on 0800 845 6600 to upgrade or to buy more minutes. 

You can push the big button on your mobile at any time to ask how many minutes you have left this month.